Always available: Maximum process reliability and consistent results with high volume throughputs. High-quality technology and permanently conditioned pastes ensure constant readiness for operation. A milestone in dosing accuracy and tinting precision.

Runs and runs and runs and runs


Special air valve

To protect the paste fluid from evaporating, the canister is sealed on an airtight basis. A special lid valve provides for an inflow of air but prevents it from escaping.

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Permanent recirculation

The TintONE technology with an integrated pumping process keeps the paste permanently in motion in the storage container. Recirculation ensures that the paste is kept in optimum processing condition at all times.

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Perfect dosing

Multifunctional ceramic valves allow different flow directions for the pastes: For suctioning, dosing and recirculation. For precise, calibration-free and simultaneous dosing.

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Paste stays paste

Innovative "dew point technology" in the tip of the dosing nozzle prevents the paste drying out and keeps it pliant and fluid at all times. Sample pots are also possible.

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Discoloration: prevented

Innovative fill level monitor: Automatic self-calibration of the filling level data prevents the canisters running empty and also prevents color errors of the kind which are inevitable when there is an insufficient supply of colorant. If the filling level gets too low, this is indicated by a light signal and on the display.


Closed properly every time

LidDetection – automatic lid monitor: The paste can only be protected from drying out and against the loss its optimum processing characteristics if the canister lid is securely sealed. A light signal warns you if the lid is not properly in place.