Little waste, no soiling: The patented recirculation system reduces the amount of waste paste to a minimum. Hardly any of the surrounding gets soiled when paste is refilled. This solves a major problem experienced with conventional dispenser systems.

The basis for a clean work place


Soiled dosing nozzle?

A thing of the past: With TINTA, innovative CoolNOZ technology provides a balanced microclimate at the tip of the dosing nozzle. The colorant does not dry out and is kept moist and fluid at all times – without the need for any problematic retaining mechanisms.


Dirty working environment?

Not with TINTA: Thanks to TintONE technology the paste material moves in a self-contained recirculation system without any mixing units. This means no dried on paste, little cleaning required and the working environment stays clean even after refilling.

No more wasted paste

Environmentally responsible and cost-conscious: CoolNOZ technology eliminates the need to purge the nozzles separately before the start of work. The colorant canister does not contain any mixers on which the paste can collect. This reduces the amount of waste paste to a minimum.


Stable dew point

CoolNOZ innovation: What is known as "dew point technology" prevents the exchange of moisture with the surrounds in the tip of the dosing nozzle and therefore prevents any liquid evaporating from the paste. As a result, the colorant is always moist and fluid.

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Less wasted paste

On the odd occasion that nozzle purging may actually be required, the amount of waste paste (purge) involved can be reduced by 90 percent to just the minimum volume required for technical reasons. That is good for the environment and saves costs.


Little need for cleaning

All cleaned up: The conceptual design featuring smooth surfaces on the dosing head and stainless steel covers on the refilling openings, combined with the fact that no mixers are used, ensures that cleaning requirements for the dispenser are reduced to a minimum.

No soiling even after refilling


Filling with the paper funnel terminal

Easy and clean: The paste is refilled using the magnetic filling magnetic adapter and disposable paper funnels, so the working environment and machine hardly get soiled at all.

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Comfortable working and filling height

Absolutely nothing has been forgotten: The comfortable filling height of 1.20 m makes work easier. The same applies to the totally easy and direct access to the colorant canisters on the automatic dispenser.