Expertise that speaks for itself: Collomix has decades of experience in the market for paint preparation and enjoys an excellent reputation for its outstanding technological products. The TINTA color dispenser underlines this reputation yet again.

Mixing is our DNA

Collomix has been delivering the complementary technologies required for tinting for four decades now and is the acknowledged technology leader in machines for mixing paints and lacquers in the sales tub. With the new TINTA color dispenser, Collomix is the pioneer once again, making forward-looking technology available to retail users.

Tinting systems are no longer what they were


Unsuitable for modern pastes

Conventional tinting machines have stood still in terms of development, while the characteristics and requirements of the color pastes have changed enormously. They are unable to work as reliably, accurately and economically with modern colorants and formulations as they did with the machine-optimized pastes of the past. This leads to color errors and high service costs.


Not designed with the operator in mind

User-friendliness is something conventional tinting machines generally score poorly on – both in terms of the machine controls and software as well as the actual handling itself, e.g. because it is not easy to access the machine parts. User errors and soiling often occur when the paste is refilled or because of the mixing tools. This in turn involves considerable maintenance and cleaning work.


Service problems

Machine availability and reliability are the top priorities today when it comes to the requirements to be met by a color dispenser. But service, which has to play its part here too, is precisely the area with big problems: Substantial machine maintenance by a trained operator is by no means standard anymore in practice, or is at least only possible with considerable difficulty.

Time to rethink the dispenser


The tinting systems used by dealers today are still based on concepts which are in many cases 20 years old and are now unable to meet modern requirements. The time was ripe: Collomix has given dispenser technology a complete rethink. Why us especially? Collomix has the knowledge of the market and the problems associated with tinting machines based on conventional technology that it has accumulated over many years. It therefore has the perfect basis for visionary and innovative solutions such as TINTA.

A new product for a different age

The quantum leap in dispenser technology: The TINTA is a completely new development from Collomix based on revolutionary new principles which also features service-proven components at the same time. The result compared to other systems in use today is that it is more economical in operation, more efficient, more user-friendly and more environmentally friendly. It therefore once again reinforces the position of Collomix as the leading innovator.

Truly intelligent technologies

The problems associated with conventional tinting machines are now a thing of the past. With TintONE, CoolNOZ and MoveNOZ, the TINTA color dispenser has three revolutionary key technologies. In terms of performance, precision, process reliability, speed and user-friendliness, therefore, it sets new standards for the tinting of paints.


Plug-and-Play: TintONE

Innovative system components with a host of advantages: TintONE, the single paste dispenser. The storage canister does more than just hold the colorant. Far more than that, the compact module is a complete plug-and-play unit with a canister, pump, multi-port valve and control element - but no mixer. Easy changeover: Simply disconnect and reconnect a hose and a cable - that is it.

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No drying out: CoolNOZ

Clogged nozzles on the dosing head due to dried on remains of paste – often a cause of color errors and faults. CoolNOZ uses "dew point technology" to create a microclimate which keeps the paste constantly moist and fluid in the tip of the nozzle as well. This largely eliminates the need for purging and reduces the amount of wasted paste by up to 90%.

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Perfect handling: MoveNOZ

The movable MoveNOZ nozzle head can be adjusted to the height of the paint tub conveniently, quickly and easily. The nozzles move to the tub and not the other way around. There is no need to move the heavy container. The working height for changing the canisters and for all other actions involving the hands is also ergonomically comfortable.

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