Low cost

Cutting-edge technology and quality that pay off: TINTA technology offers outstanding value for money that is truly convincing. It delivers innovative solutions to problems and is one of the lowest priced systems for simultaneous dosing available on the market.

If the technology is right, the price is right too

Price level = benchmark – especially for a simultaneous system

Perfect. And it stays that way too


No soiling

Thanks to forward-looking technology there is no need for regular purging of the nozzles anymore, and the TINTA works without any mixing units on which paste can collect. That means less soiling and makes tiresome cleaning a thing of the past.


Less interference

TintONE and CoolNOZ: Innovative technologies ensure that the paste in the canister and nozzle is in optimum condition for processing at all times. This results in fewer malfunctions and a significant reduction in service work.


Low spare parts requirement

The simple design of the TINTA dispenser system means lower parts requirements and associated costs. When a part does actually need replacing, the service work involved takes no more than a few minutes. Handling of spare parts is remarkably easy too.

The waste bin stays empty



So-called "dew point technology" (CoolNOZ) prevents the paste drying out in the tip of the nozzle. That means up to 90% less waste paste compared to conventional technology and regular purging. The filling process for the TINTA has also been optimized to ensure that no paste is lost.

Time is money

< 45 sec.

TINTA reduces the amount of time required and increases productivity. The pumps and hoses are preloaded and therefore ready for use straight away. Delivery starts as soon as the dosing command is triggered. Simultaneous dosing – the delivery of all the required pastes at the dosing head together – for faster and more efficient work operations. As a result, 80% of all dosing operations can be successfully completed in less than 45 seconds.